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FPCB Production Capacity

Flex/Rigid-Flex PCB
1Layers1 to 4 layers(Flexible Board)
2 to 12 layers(Rigid_Flex Board)
2Normal Base MaterialsKapton,PI,PET for Flex
FR4 for Rigid
3Normal Base Film Thickness12.5um to 50um for Flex
0.1mm to 3.2mm for Rigid
4Normal Coverlay Thickness12un to 25um
5Normal Adhesive Thickness12un to 35um
6Base Copper Thickness1/2oz. To 1 oz.(RA/ED Copper)
7Stiffener MaterialsPI,PET,FR4,SUS
8Min.Finished Thicness0.075mm/0.025"(Single Sided)
0.13mm/0.005"(Double Sided
9Max.Panel Size250mmx400mm/9.8"x15.7"
10Min.Drill Diameter0.15mm/0.006"
11Blind or Buried ViasYes for Rigid_Flex Board
12Min.Line width/spacing0.05mm/0.002"
13Min.Bonding Pitch0.10mm/0.004"(Center to Center)
14Min.SMT Pitch0.40mm/0.016"(Center to Center)
15Surface FinishingPlated soft Gold over Nickel for Ultrassonic Bonding
Plated soft Gold over Nickel for Thermalsonicc Bonding
Plated selective hard Gold over Nickel for commector
ENIG (Electroless Nickel &lmmersion Gold
Hot Air Solder Leveling
lmmersion Tin
Silver lnk or Carbon lnk Printing
Organic Soldersbility Preservative (ENTEK)
16Solder MaskLiquid Photoimageble Solder Mask
17Outline FabricationPrecision Punching
CNC Routing for Rigid part only
CNC V-scoring for Rigid part only
18General ToleranceMin.Hole Diameter Tolerance ±0.05mm
Min.Hole Position Tolerance ±0.05mm
Min.Pattem Registraion Tolerance ±0.05MM
Min. Soler Mask Registraion Tolerance ±0.075mm
19Genntal CapabilitiMin.Annular ring 0.025mm
Min.Solder Mask Bridge(LPI) 0.1mm
Plated Gold Thickness 0.025um~3um
Immersion Gold Thivkness 0.025um~0.1um
Twist and Warp : 1%
20E-TestingVolatge :24V~3000V
Continuity :5-100ohms
Flying Probe E-tester and AOI available